School Lunch Planning System- NOW SOLD OUT!

School Lunch Planning System- NOW SOLD OUT!

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Plan an entire YEAR of school lunches!

Do you stand in the kitchen every night fretting over what to pack in lunches?

Are you rushing out the door in the morning grabbing the leftover pizza to throw in lunch boxes on the way out the door?



I can teach you a system to plan an entire school year of lunches in about an hour.*

Here’s what you will get in the system:

~ 12-month printable calendar to cover an entire school year whether you have summers off or go to school year round

~ Printable Planning List and instructions on how to use it over and over

~ Lunch ideas from main courses (more than sandwiches), to fruit, veggies, snacks, and drinks

~Printable grocery shopping list segmented by department, so you can quickly note and grab everything you need for lunches

~A system to be able to plan out school lunches every new school year until your kids graduate


How does that sound?


Wait- Don't forget the BONUSES!

~An entire list of food hacks! Including healthy foods that don’t need refrigerated, tools to keep lunches hot/cold, how to keep certain foods from spoiling in their lunch boxes, and MORE!


P.S. I promise this will not involve you having to cut food to look like zoo animals. (unless you want to of course!)


Sign-up now for the pre-sale! The program starts on August 12th (just in time for back-to-school!)


This is a limited engagement offer! I am only enrolling 25 students so I can answer questions and provide support to those who enroll.


… Plus, you can take advantage of the introductory price while it lasts!


*Prep time will vary based on personal preference, the number of children you are planning for, etc..  Results will vary.