The Magic of Christmas is Family - Printables pack!

The Magic of Christmas is Family - Printables pack!

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You know what makes Christmas the best time of year? 

I bet you already know.

It's family.

That's what we want our kids to remember. The moments. The people around the tree. The hugs and the smiles. 

Do you remember what you got for Christmas every year from ages 5-18? Me either. But I bet you remember that time you and your brother actually made a gingerbread house that stood up. 

I bet you will always remember driving around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights (and I bet Dad even let you "drive")!

These are the memories your children will hold on to forever. 

Make Christmas about family and tradition.

This pack of Christmas printables helps guide you through a Christmas full of family fun and following the traditions that your kids will pass on to their kids: The letters to Santa, the Christmas Eve routine, and all the family laughs and giggles you can pack into one holiday season!
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This is a digital product. A zip file will be delivered by email for you to print at home. No physical product will be sent. 


Celebrate with your kids with these fun, printable traditions:


Christmas Bucket List- traditions for families to complete before the season ends!

Letter to Santa- Plus Santa's address

Christmas Wish List- help your family know the kid's sizes/likes/wish list

"Official" Elf letterhead- for notes from Elf on the Shelf!

Recipe for Magic Reindeer Food!

Christmas Eve Checklist for kids!- A checklist of all the things they do before going to sleep to wait for Santa! (Leave out cookies, say goodbye to the Elf, etc.)

Christmas Eve checklist for Moms -written in code ;) This checklist covers the things "Santa" does before Christmas morning to make the holiday "magical"

Christmas Memory Sheet- This is a page for kids to fill out each year with their favorite memories from Christmas. *Hint- I pack these pages in with my decorations so I can look back next year when I'm getting ready for Christmas again! They grow up too fast!

This is an electronic product. You will receive a file by email to print. No physical product will be mailed to you.