Happy Preschool Worksheet Pack!

Happy Preschool Worksheet Pack!

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Preschool worksheet activities for preschoolers (pre-k)!

Tracing and writing help preschoolers develop fine motor skills (the small muscles) that are necessary for tasks such as buttoning their shirt or writing their names.

Worksheets can also foster hand-eye coordination and even provide some fun mommy-and-me time!

This is the exact pack that I have used with my kids. I have used it from ages 2-4 to work on preschool concepts such as letter formation, counting/number recognition, and kindergarten readiness.  I'm giving you my whole curriculum! 

The whole pack is no-prep- just print and you're ready!

Nearly 100 pages of preschool activities to build fine motor skills and learn the basics!

This set includes: 

    • 26 letter/object sheets
    • 26 letter trace/write sheets
    • Beginning letter sounds sheets
    • Sorting pages
    • Line tracing pages
    • 10 trace and count number sheets
    • Self-identification sheets (name, phone number, family, etc.) as well as body part identification (eyes, nose, hand, knee, etc.)
    • Big, bigger, biggest pages
    • Identifying same and different
    • Pattern completion
    • Scissor skills sheet to cut
    • Certificate of completion