Routine Cards for Kids (and Mom!)

Routine Cards for Kids (and Mom!)

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Sanity-saving Routine Cards!

Build independence and responsibility with the help of Routine Cards!

Routine/Chore cards give a visual cue to help kids complete their morning and bedtime routines without constant nagging from Mom!

Even if your kids fight you at bedtime, these routine cards can give you a peaceful bedtime routine! 

Use these cards to:

  • Help Mom from having to yell or nag to get ready for school and bed
  • Allow kids independence to complete tasks on their own
  • Keep track of chores and homework in an organized way
  • Get everyone out the door, on time, with all the stuff they need!

Use your Good Morning sheet to add morning routine tasks and Good Night sheet for a smoother bedtime! With 4 sheets of cards (24 total tasks), you can cue your child to go potty, do homework, clean room, brush teeth, say prayers, and read a book by looking at his/her chart. 

Start an easier morning and smoother bedtime today with these printable routine cards! 

This is a PRINTABLE item. You will receive a file to print from your computer. No physical product will be sent. 

You get 6 total sheets- 

1 Good Morning

1 Good Night

4 pages of 6 routine cards with an image of the task and a word or phrase explaining what to do (for kids who can read)